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Pacific Bay Estates is dedicated to offering a professional, yet comfortable and flexible work environment. It is our responsibility to  develop an atmosphere that encourages success at both the individual and team levels. One that supports life balance and embraces technology without overlooking the necessity to address all parties personably. Where we strive to continuously improve both the agents' and clients' experience, while adhering to ethical and legal standards.  


Skilled, experienced, and down to earth.

Pacific Bay Estates has watched the market change over the years from suit and tie office meetings, to often impersonal emails and/or texts. Today's market seems to yearn for something in the middle. We focus on professional time saving processes, client education, and effective communication, delivered in a personable manner . The goal, to make your client feel as though they are our only one.


When you begin your career in real estate, it's recommended that you start with your sphere of influence. Why? It's a bit more comfortable for both parties.  You typically have something in common which enables you to "relate", and in turn communication and interactions are  a bit more comfortable during an inherently stressful transaction.


So while things have gotten quite technical in real estate, we believe the combination of professionalism delivered by "you", the "you" that so happens to sell real estate, is a winning combination for all parties involved. Bring your personal touch to a "starving for personal attention" industry!


Paperless Environment, Broker Support, Better Time Management

Pacific Bay Estates, Inc. believes strongly in 'Life Balance'. We have established systems that allow our agents and your clients, to handle things remotely. We also have support staff to assist the agent and the clients (all the while making the agent look phenomenal- js!!) Support and technical resources are provided at NO CHARGE to you. Why? Because the more organized, the more efficient, and the more meaningful  the communication, the more we all save the one thing we cant get back - TIME!  Better Time Management = Life Balance!


Side-Gig, Full-Time .....Whatever your goal we can help! 

Real Estate careers take different shapes based on the individual. Many people are interested in a part-time type situation. While others jump all in, and have strict production goals. Pacific Bay Estates' systems and management support can handle either. Let us discuss with you your plans, and how our operations framework may be able to support it.


Contracts, Re-Sale , Short Sales, Lending, Escrow, and Title Experts

We have resources to assist you with your transaction questions. The Broker has oversaw over 15,000 closed escrows and understands every transaction is different in an ever changing industry. We offer access to escrow and title professionals for those type of questions. We offer NO pressure in house lending/cross-quals and loan education. You are FREE to choose your own "team" at all times and use whomever you choose. Our goal of having professionals available is to have additional resources of information available when needed, as needed.



No one likes complicated pay structures, infinite disclosures, and alternate scenarios. Keep it simple is the golden rule when it comes to Pacific Bay Estate's compensation structure. We have no additional fees.  The Transaction Coordinator payable to an outside TC for audit purposes may be paid for by the client in its entirety, or split, or?

  • 80/20 Split

  • $75 per transaction E&O Fee

  • $20,000 Annual Cap - Once Brokerage's share reaches $20k, you pay only a $495 broker fee the remainder of the calendar yr

  • $750 annual cap on E&O per calendar year

  • If you sell an in-house listing, each agent pays only 10%. Why not reward in house and encourage team success?!


ACH is provided at no cost to agents. Broker demand triggers audit. If file is complete at audit,  (exception of closing docs) upon receipt of the  commission from title, an ACH deposit for agents share is made within 24 - 48 hours.




700 Main St, Ste 211

Suisun City,CA 94585


707.759.4251   Office

760.508.3914 Broker Cell-Text/Call


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm

​Sunday: By appointment only

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